About me

I am a creator with a small YouTube channel called.

Where I share my passion, and my developments in Home automation, for the Home Assistant,  ESPHome DIY communities.

If you're interested in this kind of stuff, Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my Twitter, so you don't miss out on new open-source projects.

Why did I create this shop?

I often make projects for my YouTube channel but generally end up making 2 of the finished product for me, then a YouTube video about the project. Usually, It is up to the viewer to try and recreate it using the resources I have provided. But many people don't have the time, skills, or equipment to recreate it. Many expressed a desire to buy already assembled boards. Selling these boards will allow me to devote more time to developing new projects, and hopefully, allow me to become a full-time Developer and YouTuber.

Do you Love DIY?

If you have the time and desire to repeat one of my projects, then you can find all the necessary information, files, and configuration examples on my GitHub page.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about the projects, please join our Facebook group, I will be happy to answer your questions.