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CapiBridge Mainboard
  • CapiBridge Mainboard
  • CapiBridge Mainboard

CapiBridge Mainboard


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Frequency: 868 / 915 Mhz
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CapiBridge is an open-source gateway for low-power devices. It supports various communication technologies including LoRa, ESP-NOW, and WiFi. The gateway receives JSON strings from LoRa and ESP-NOW devices and publishes them to an MQTT server. It automatically separates the JSON string into dynamic MQTT topics based on keys within the JSON, such as "b" for battery or "m" for motion, making it highly compatible with Home Assistant. This gateway simplifies adding new DIY nodes/sensors to your smart home by standardizing the communication protocol across all projects, focusing on simplicity and unified protocol handling.

How To YouTube Video

Instruction and firmware are available on GitHub


  • 1x LoRa Module 868 or 433MHz
  • 2x ESP32-C3
  • ESP1 Free GPIOs IO7, IO10
  • ESP2 Free GPIOs - IO10, IO3, IO1, IO0, IO4, IO5, IO6, IO7
  • Power Pins 5V, 3.3V, GND
  • USB-C with auto reset
  • UART switch for selecting ( ESP1 | ESP2 )
  • Buttons for flashing and reset
  • Debug LEDs
  •   - USB - TX, RX
  •   - ESP1 to ESP2 - TX, RX
  •   - One LED for LoRa
  •   - One LED for ESP-NOW

The order consists of:

  • CapiBridge Mainboard only


  • 2 x 2.4GHz Antenna
  • 1 x 868 or 433MHz antenna
  • 3 x SMA to UFL Cable
  • Enclosure
  • USB-C Cable
  • USB 5V Power supply/charger 

Warning: Do Not Connect the USB Without Attaching All Antennas.

Please note that this device requires manual configuration, compilation, and firmware reflashing using the Arduino IDE. Before purchasing, please watch a YouTube video to understand what is required.

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