MailBox Guard Wireless IR Sensor
  • MailBox Guard Wireless IR Sensor
  • MailBox Guard Wireless IR Sensor

MailBox Guard Wireless IR Sensor

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Frequency: 868 / 915 Mhz

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The Mailbox Guard is a device that detects when a new letter or package has been delivered to your mailbox using a PIR sensor and door reed switch. It can send a signal to your LoRa gateway, and then the gateway sends a message via WiFi to Home Assistant "MQTT" or to WhatsApp allowing you to receive notifications directly into your phone. Or you can use it offline, the gateway display will show the number of letters received, Battery status, and signal strength.

Documentation and code available on GitHub

Sensor Specifications

  • Microcontroller "Attiny1616"
  • LoRa Bands "433/868/915"
  • PIR Sensor AM312 "With the option to turn it off"
  • A place for onboard reed switch "Not Included"
  • Input for External reed switch
  • Battery Holder for "Li-Ion 14500"
  • Optional 2 Pin SMD LiPo Battery connector "Not Included"
  • Build-in Battery Charger "Can be separated"
  • - Connector USB-C
  • - Charge status LED "Charging, Full"
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • - Motion Sensor PIR 11.30uAh
  • - Only reed switch 0.23uAh
  • - Every data submission uses 65uA
  • - TX LED "With the option to turn it off"
  • Size
  • - With charger "XXmm to XXmm"
  • - Without charger "XXmm to XXmm"


  • Li-Ion 14500 battery "Not Included"

Please note that this device requires manual configuration, compiling, and reflashing of the firmware using Arduino IDE and UPDI programmer. It's not a plug-and-play device. If you're not comfortable with these steps, this product might not be suitable for you.

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