Droplet Mainboard
  • Droplet Mainboard
  • DROPLET Smart Irrigation System
  • DROPLET Smart Irrigation System
  • DROPLET Smart Irrigation System
  • DROPLET Smart Irrigation System

DROPLET Smart Irrigation System


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DROPLET It's ESP32 based ALL-IN-ONE irrigation and monitoring system for (Home Assistant and ESPHome) that manages the entire process of growing plants, controlling the supply of water with micro pumps, controlling lighting, temperature, humidity, and more..., it's limited only by your imagination.

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  • 5x JST 2Pin Connectors for micropumps. "GPIOs 13,4,16,17,18".
  • 5x JST 3Pin Connectors for soil moisture sensors. "GPIOs 34,35,32,33,39" Pulled low with 1 MΩ resistor.
  • Pin header i2c 5/3.3v for OLED Display.
  • Pin header TX RX GND for programming.
  • Buzzer for notification "GPIO 23" With the ability to turn off the buzzer and use it internally or redirect GPIO 23 to the expansion board. "With jumper removal".
  • DS18B20 Integrated temperature sensor "GPIO 25".
  • 5x Buttons for manual pump control.
  • 1x General-purpose button "GPIO 36".
  • 1x 16x2 right-angle female header  "GPIOs 25,TX,RX,23,22,21,16,5,26,2,15,27,14,12,5v,GND".
  • Power Supply Plug DC-005 2.0


Expansion board - Optional

  • MCP230017 integrated i2c I/O Expander 16 inputs or outputs, with the possibility to change the i2c address.
  • 1x JST 10Pin Connector for 8 relays connected to MCP23 "Pins 8-15 ".
  • 1x 8 pin header Connected to MCP23 "Pins 0-7 ".
  • 2x JST 4Pin Connectors for i2c  "GPIOs GND,22,21,3.3V"
  • 1x JST 3Pin Dedicated connector for DS18B20 temperature sensor "GPIO 25" multiple sensors can be connected in parallel.
  • 7x JST 3Pin (GND,3.3V,GPIO)Connectors for various sensors "GPIOs 19,5,26,2,15,27,14"
  • 1x 16 pin header  "GPIOs 25,TX,RX,23,22,21,16,5,26,2,15,27,14,12,5v,GND".  for stackable expansion boards. 
  • 1x 16x2 right-angle pin header  connects to mainboard "GPIOs 25,TX,RX,23,22,21,16,5,26,2,15,27,14,12,5v,GND".

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